Privilege Card

Application Form (minimum 2 person)
- The person who apply certify the he/she is authorise to apply on behalf of all participants of the whole group
- The whole group have read and agree to the terms and conditions of panel/group.

* Participant 1:

* Participant 2:

Participant 3:

Participant 4:

Participant 5:

  • Random letters

Privilege Card

Benefit :

Referral Card

Terms and Conditions :

  1. Eligibility:
  2. The card remains the property of the card issuer, and the card holders shall agree on terms and conditions published and with immediate effect, in our notice board and/or website and updatable from time to time without prior notice to the card holders.
  3. The card can be used at locations listed at the back of the card. New locations may be added over time and annoncement will be made on the notice board and/or website.
  4. Within the limitations of the laws, the card issue shall have the final interperation right of all the aspects of the cards.
  5. *2% OFF your treatment cost if you pay in cash, rounded to the LOWER RINGGIT. i.e RM5.6 will be rounded to RM5.00. This is not a discount but is a concession/saving pass to the customers due to reduced credit card processing and manpower cost.
  6. All concessions/offers or 2% OFF can not be used/redeemed with other concession/offers/cash/treatment voucher
  7. The card can be used on any location as stataed at the back of card. Additional locations shall be notify on th the notice board and/or website. The card can be redeemed from any doctor on duty not necessary the doctor issueing the card.
  8. Panel/Group Pricing: Need to apply seperately by filling request on aplication form or apply online. Minimal 2 persons required per group/panel, family members or friends. Pre-appointment needed. Specific dental therapist (subjected to approved treatment scope of the laws) or/and doctor will be assigned