About Us
Our passion and commitments

At Taman U Dental Surgery, we strive to offer high quality dental care at an affordable price. We try hard to maximize the value for money of our patients. Our staffs are well trained and all of us have to follow a set of well-proven standard operating procedures to ensure patient's safety and optimal treatment outcome. We pay great attention to details ,and that minute, unseen, heart-felt quality is becoming our brand positioning.

Our skills

We pride ourselves in continuously upgrading our knowledge and skill to cater for the increasingly demanding patients in term of case complexity and patients' expectations. We provide wide ranges of dental treatment from basic cleaning, filling, root canal treatment, extraction, removal of wisdom teeth to more complex treatments such as crown, veneer, bridges, orthodontics, implantology, periodontal surgeries and bone grafts.

Personalized service

Despite our standard operating procedure, we recognize that no two patients are alike, and furthermore, no two teeth in the same patient are alike. We listen to the patients carefully to understand their concern, their fear and what they really want. For more complex treatments, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each procedures, the treatment options and alternatives. We printed our own treatments brouchers to be distributed to the patients that might need the particular treatment. Hence, patient is provided with necessary information and guided to make decisions to the best of their welfare, before embarking on a treatment plan.


Why Choose Us


The clinics are equipped with state of the art equipments and facilities in order to provide high standard of dental care. We have digitalized intra-oral and extra-oral (Cephalometric ,Panorama, 3D Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (3D CBCT) X-ray system to help in more accurate diagnosis and treatment. We are among the first clinic in Johor with laughing gas facility for the anxious patients. We have air-abrasion (no-drill filling) and computerized "pain-less" injection system to reduce fear and discomfort of the patients. In addition, we have our attached dental laboratory and skillful technicians to produces plastic denture, full porcelain (alumina or zirconia) veneers, crowns and bridges.

We are "paperless" clinics with custom made Practice Management Software developed since 1994. All the patients' records and radiographs are in digital format so the the information can be saved and retrieved in efficiently and accurately. With the built in Customer Relation Management software, we are able to trace and follow-up patients that might have difficulties or complications after dental treatment, so that follow-up can be done to ensure their well being and ultimately, their satisfaction.